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We make life easier for passionate business owners. Our turnkey digital marketing solutions provide you with the power to make a positive impact on your clients. 

Social Media Content

We provide you with branded content that’s personalized to your business needs. At Golden Medina Services, we believe in only paying for what you need. That’s why we offer unmatched flexibility when it comes to our social media content.

Want hilarious video reels? Informative carousels? Or how about curated images that amplify your brand? We do it all!

Some of our featured highlights include:

  • Content Distribution (we publish content for you)

  • Full-range Content Plans (including Reels/TikToks)

  • Account Management (we engage on your behalf online)

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Paid Advertising

Even the most brilliant organic content campaigns need a pick-me-up from time to time, especially if your brand is new to social media. That’s where online paid ads come into play. GMS strengthens your marketing performance by distributing your ads across some of your favorite platforms like Facebook & Instagram. 

Through our trusted ad partners, you can even take advantage of more intricate advertising methods such as GeoFencing, Google Search & lots more. Get access to award-winning advertising at wholesales prices!

Marketing Consulting

Leveraging personalized, on-demand consulting from our seasoned marketing experts can resolve a wide variety of issues.
Here are a few instances where on-demand consults provide tremendous value:

  • Creative ideas for launching social media marketing campaigns.

  • Getting in-depth training on a social media platform.

  • Receiving unbiased, outside counsel from an expert.

  • Identifying areas for improvement on your current marketing strategy.

  • Analyzing KPIs and developing reports.

As your on-demand marketing consultants, we’re here to serve as your go-to knowledge resource for all things digital marketing.

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If you’re wanting to build a stronger connection with your potential/existing clients, getting an updated professional photoshoot is a great way to meet your goal. At GMS, we offer high end photography services for businesses in the Greater Las Vegas area. Our photographers are a great fit for business owners in need of: 

  • Luxury branding photoshoots 

  • Corporate photoshoots 

  • Workout/fitness photoshoots 

Our team provides you with masterfully edited photos and lightning fast turnaround. For more information on when to use our photography services, check out our recently published comprehensive guide on Instagram. 

Short Form Video

When it comes to winning over your followers on social media, short form video is king. A whopping 68% of users will happily watch a business-related video with a duration of under one minute if they find it valuable

At Golden Medina Services, we take great care into crafting the perfect reels for your business. We research the latest industry trends and techniques to produce something unique and enjoyable to watch. No boring videos allowed. 

P.S. Business owners save an average of 60% on their marketing budget when they work with us!

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Whitelabel Apps

As a business owner living in the 21st century, you go through dozens of apps and softwares every year (about 40-60 apps, according to some studies). As you continue to search for the best tech tools for your business, you probably wish there was a way to pick apart the best features from your favorite apps and combine them into “mega-apps” that are tailored to your needs. 

That’s where we come in. We’ve partnered with the geniuses at RESM®, a marketing tech firm focused exclusively on the real estate industry, to bring you game-changing apps that can be personalized and white labeled to your brand specifications. 

Other Services

This might surprise you, but there’s more to marketing than just social media. *gasp* 

There’s a lot of moving parts in the world of digital marketing, and we want to make sure you get nothing but the best. That’s why we partner with vetted marketing professionals across the multiverse (okay, maybe just the United States) to provide you with essential marketing services like Web Design, Search Engine Optimization & more. 

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