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What’s your service area? Can you provide services outside of the US?

Golden Medina Services is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and services across the United States.  Through our GMS Partners Marketplace, many of our partners provide services internationally. Certain restrictions may apply, depending on your business location.

How quickly can I get started? 

Our team onboards dozens of clients, both large and small, every quarter. On average, most Social Media clients get onboarded within 4-5 business days.  

Product Specific

Social Media Marketing Plans
Do I have to do any technical setup for you to manage my social media?

If you already have an existing business Facebook/Instagram, or other social profile, just add us to your account and we’ll take care of the rest! *Note, we require admin access in order to properly integrate with your account. 

How can I view my social media content performance?

We tie in directly with Meta (Facebook & Instagram), which lets you access your content performance in near real-time! For paid campaigns, you’ll be able to view your campaign performance in the GMS Business Center. Depending on your subscription, we also send you scheduled performance reports and insights along with regular consulting and guidance from our team. 

Paid Advertising Plans
What’s your minimum Ad Spend requirement?

When Advertising Through GMS

For your success, we recommend a minimum budget of $500/month (this excludes your management fees). Every industry is different and you may need a stronger budget to stay competitive in your local market. You can fluctuate your budget as needed. We’ll update you when you’re running low on ad budget or when there’s a cost reduction in leads so we can spend more aggressively. For more information, please reach out to your dedicated marketing specialist. 

When Advertising Through Our Partners

Each Advertising Partner will have different spend minimums based on a number of factors including: the platforms you want your ads distributed to, the length of your campaign, and level of desired support. We’re in constant communication with our advertisers to ensure you’re getting the best pricing possible for your marketing initiatives.