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Marlon A. Medina Interviews Woodside Homes in Summerlin

During last week's Woodside Homes Obsidian event, GMS Founder Marlon A. Medina interviewed Cat Stevens, Director of Sales Marketing at Woodside Homes. The event was home to a number of engaging activities and was attended by the top realtor partners for Woodside Homes. Here's what Cat had to say!

Interview Transcript

Marlon: What exactly are we doing tonight?

Cat: We have invited several of our Realtor partners to thank them, the ones that have done lots of business with us, in Obsidian and other communities. We've also invited them here to have a little fun.

Marlon: Exciting! So why don't you tell us, for those that are not familiar, what is Obsidian?

Cat: Obsidian is a premier community in the heart of Summerlin. We have a nice mix of 2 stories and 3 stories, where we take advantage of the beautiful decks. We like to say we have big deck energy. You'll get to enjoy some of the landscaping with the beautiful backdrop of the sunset, and the strip, and the mountains.

Marlon: So how can we learn more about this wonderful community?

Cat: First stop, And if you call, you can talk to one of our online sales professionals. They can help you with any community that Woodside Homes offers, as well as Obsidian.