Your Social Media Marketing Partner

Is your insurance agency missing out on social media?

Like every other sector, insurance agencies can also raise brand awareness, generate leads, and convert them using social media. Here are some statistics to consider if your insurance agency isn’t utilizing the potential of social media. 

  • Almost half of all insurance-related searches are conducted through mobile devices. 
  • Less than 30% of insurance customers say that they’re satisfied with their current providers.
  • 5.1% is the average conversion rate of an insurance search ad.
  • 74% of customers search online for insurance purchases. 

As the figures show, a credible online presence through effective social media marketing isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity. Here’s how your insurance agency can get it right.

Introduce your team

Whether your agency deals with property, casualty, or direct insurance, your prospective customers need to trust you for them to purchase a policy. They can only do it when they know who you’re. So, introduce your team members and mention their specializations and accomplishments. This will also help humanize your insurance agency.

Add value

Insurance can be a complicated subject and your social media channels can help simplify it for your followers. For that, you need to think from the point of view of your followers and post solutions to their problems. That’s how you’ll become relevant.

Build up authority

Want people to trust you? Become an authority on your domain. Publish articles, commentary, self-help tips, and views on industry developments and slowly you’ll build your expertise. You can do it on social media through posts, videos, infographics, ebooks, charts, etc.

Brand your agency

If you’re keen on raising your brand awareness, you need to understand your brand first. Identify a niche and focus all your energy on that. By regularly posting content, your goal should be to be known as an expert on that specific domain. This would need the help of a digital marketing team. 

Partner with influencers

If you can connect with the right influencer, you’ll be able to get in front of thousands of new social media users. Whether it’s an online publication, YouTube personality, or popular blog, look for influencers who are known to your target audience and in your region and partner with them.

Be involved in your community

Social media allows you to be involved with your community initiatives. Identify a cause and get your insurance agency to actively support it. Look beyond business opportunities and you’ll create a favorable brand identity.

Worth with experts

If you want to make social media work for your insurance agency, you need the services of experts. By partnering with a trusted local marketing agency, you get specialists in market research, design, copywriting, web design, and social media marketing. That too, at a lower fee than what you would have spent with an in-house team.